Alpha Mechanical HVAC 101

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Since the heating system in the a residential or commercial setting is an integral part of your central air conditioning and indoor air quality system, keeping it in proper running condition is essential.

Heat Pumps

These are considered year-round systems.  A heat pump cools your home in the summer months by directing the heat to the outside.  In winter, since outside air contains heat, your heat pump will warm your home by drawing the outside heat inside.  an electrical back-up heater will also supplement heat brought in from the outside in extremely cold weather.

Ductless Cooling Systems

These systems require no work installation!  Ductless systems have a wide array of applications where traditional heating and air conditioning system are difficult, impractical, or too expensive to install.

Ductless systems can be installed in both residential and commercial settings.  They are a desirable solution for new additions to homes, sun rooms, workshops, computer rooms warehouse offices, to name a few.

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